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Flash Fiction: One Kiss, As Soft As A Sigh

I almost lost him. But you didn’t. But I could have. He could have died. But he didn’t. Maybe not physically but what if I killed something inside of him? He seemed so distant and quiet after I picked him up from the fire. His eyes were empty and red. He was soaking wet. The only thing alive was the grip his fingers had around mine when I pulled him to my car.

I folded my arms as I stood over my couch and watched the rise and fall of his chest as he slept. He murmured something as he rolled his body in my direction. My eyes fell on his lips and the urge to kiss him gripped my throat like a vice. I leaned over him. Nerves pricked at the tips of my fingers as I pushed his hair aside.

My roommates are going to kill me when they wake up. I thought as I touched my lips with his. One kiss, as soft as a sigh was all I could do tonight. A soft groan slipped his lips as I pulled away. I wasn’t ready to face what was coming tomorrow, but tomorrow was inevitable.

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