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Flash Fiction: Better the devil, you know

“Tae!” Fuu ran as fast as she could. Chunks of ceiling falling everywhere around her. She needed to find Tae and get them out of there or they would both die.

They wouldn’t be in this bind if it weren’t for Tae’s love sick sister. She could have just waited one more stupid hour before running off in the middle of the night like that. They still would be in danger but at least a caving building in the sky wouldn’t be the cause.

Fuu heard a moan to her left and leapt across the splitting floor. The moan grew louder and came from the rubble below her.

“God dammit.”

She lifted and threw the rubble aside revealing her blonde-haired, idiot partner covered in dirt. One eye popped open while the other was swollen shut. A bright smile spread across his face.

“Hello beautiful.” He pushed himself upright and his hand out. Fuu took it and helped him stand.

“I guess that means you’re okay?” She said, her voice softer this time as he brushed himself off.

“Yep. Surprised you didn’t leave me.”

“Better the devil, you know?” She shrugged before sprinting ahead of him. He blinked at the comment and laughed before following after her.

*Please note all Flash Fiction is the original work of Tiara Giles and is her sole property, thereby subject to copyright. No copying or redistributing of her work of any kind is appropriate without contacting her first.

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